The Pros and Cons of Using a Puppy Apartment for Potty Training


Many dg owners wonder whether “puppy apartments” are the best solution to potty training dogs.

Potty-training is a very challenging task for both puppies and their caretakers so in many cases puppies are given to shelters and put to sleep.

If you are a future dog owner, do not consider potty-training too challenging, and a “puppy apartment” is actually built to make the process easier.

Like anything in the world, there will be both positive and negative comments when the puppy apartment is in question.

Thus we decided to mention both the pros and cons of using a puppy apartment to train dogs.

In our article, you will also discover how the method is meant to work so that you can use it successfully.

What Is a Puppy Apartment?

Let’s first understand what a puppy apartment is.

It can be described as a one-bedroom apartment with a bathroom.

A puppy that is bought from a reputable dog breeder will have started the potty training process and if you provide a puppy apartment, it will be taken as the whelping or nesting box that dogs are born and nursed in.

Dogs act according to their innate instincts, so it is important to offer the areas in which they will be able to separate soiling from sleeping, eating, and drinking.

According to puppy’s instinct, they will not soil the areas where they eat, drink or sleep.

Being that owners are not always able to let a puppy out to go pee or poo, a puppy apartment is an ideal solution, as it offers puppies a separate place to go, while their sleeping area remains clean.

Advantages of Using a Puppy Apartment

As always, we will first mention all the pros of having a puppy apartment.

If you do not have time to take the puppy out, and the door is closed so that it cannot go outside, they will have two choices, either to soil as far away as possible from their sleeping area and food or to soil their right there.

Most puppies will follow their instincts and soil away from their sleeping area, thus making potty training easier for puppy owners.

It is a fact that the best option is to train the dog to go outside to potty, it needs to have an indoor place for this at those times when the puppy cannot go out.

So as to avoid the situation when the puppy is forced to soil in its sleeping area or hold it, the puppy apartment saves owners from waking up every two hours to take the puppy out.

Furthermore, there is another positive side of puppy apartments related to dog’s health.

Having a puppy apartment makes it unnecessary to limit water intake, which is done by some dog owners in order to avoid taking the dog out during the night.

Your puppy will not be punished for doing it inside in inappropriate places and it is unbelievable how high the number of people who still get mad at puppies for doing this is.

If your puppy needs enough time to learn where things are in her apartment, so make sure you give it sufficient time to succeed.

Disadvantages of Puppy Apartments

Of course, there are also some things that are not taken as positive about puppy apartments.

When you take a look at commercials for puppy apartments,  you will conclude that they are really easy to use, as puppies repeatedly return to the puppy apartment to go potty.

Our suggestion is not to assume that your new puppy will use the apartment in such a way and immediately without any training.

This can work only when the puppy has developed bladder control.

On the other hand, there can be potential problems with using this method, being that a puppy that is used to a puppy apartment will discover a whole new world of opportunities when let out.

At once, a guideline or a choice does not exist and it can soil anywhere.

This can cause a failure.

Furthermore, once a puppy soils an area, the smell may remain there if you do not clean it.

In case a puppy smells a place where it has peed, it may soil there again.

So, the owner has to bear in mind that the apartment method trains them only when they are in the apartment.

What has to be noted is that relying on the puppy apartment does not mean that the owner can avoid taking the dog out.

Why Apartments Fail as Potty-Train Tools

We need to say that there are occasions when puppy apartments failed and the reasons for this include.

The puppy smelled his potty area but it does not get there on time.

A puppy that is under 12 weeks old cannot get there on time.

The puppy smelled his potty area but it does not like being closed in it, so it does not want to enter.

This is typically the case when a puppy is being closed in it for a longer period of time while the owner is gone, so it creates negative associations with it.

You must accept that dogs like enclosed spaces but only for an appropriate amount of time.

Another reason can be that the puppy cannot figure out the way back to the apartment.

You can put some treats in the apartment’s sleeping area so that the puppy visits it more often.

If it keeps on visiting it, a puppy will learn how to get in it.

As we have already mentioned, your puppy has to be given enough time to learn how to use the bathroom area of the apartment.

Puppies who are eight weeks old have to be taught for more than a week so as to learn where the bathroom is when it is outside the apartment.

The best way to learn it as soon as possible is to reward your puppy when he uses the apartment to potty.

Can a Crate Be Converted Into a Puppy Apartment?

The answer to this question is “yes”, but you need to be aware of possible drawbacks.

The owner has to divide the bedroom and bathroom areas in that way that the puppy can see the boundaries.

Plus, both areas have to be easily accessed.

You can take a look at real puppy apartments and see that they have openings on most sides.

A regular crate with only one door may not be appropriate as your puppy may know where the pad is, but his mind is the one that has to figure out the fastest way to get there.

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