The Top 10 Ugliest Dog Breeds

Ugly Dogs

Among all those beautiful and cute dogs that you come across, there was probably a moment in your life when you saw a dog and thought “Oh, how ugly it is”.

Yes, there are some dogs that are not so pleasant to look at, but still, people take care of them.

We would like to offer you a list of dogs that are the ugliest in the world.

10. Bedlington Terrier

It is a fact that the Bedlington Terrier’s coat does not grow in the bizarre formation that you may have seen.

Actually, people who take care of them are those who force their dogs to display this appalling hairstyle, thus making Bedlington Terriers one of the ugliest dogs to look at.

9. Borzoi

If we take a look at some very tall dogs, Borzoi, which is a member of the sighthound family, is definitely among the tallest ones.

Besides being the tallest, this kind of dog is also one of the ugliest dogs, as it boasts quite a bizarre appearance.

8. Caucasian Mountain Dog

Another very tall breed is the Caucasian Mountain Dogs.

They are both one of the tallest and ugliest dogs in the world.

We can say that it looks like Chow Chow’s jumbo and overweight cousin.

7. Irish Wolfhound

According to this list, usually tall dogs are ugly, and Irish Wolfhounds are on average the tallest breeds, thus not very pleasant to look at.

6. English Bull Terrier

Those who like dogs with egg-shaped heads would not consider English Bull Terriers as ugly.

This breed is famous as the brand dog for Target stores and can be considered cute in some manner.

According to the majority of people, English Bull Terriers are ugly and some of them say that this dog is not an actual dog breed.

5. The Puli

When you take a look at this Hungarian dog, it looks like it has dreadlocks.

People say that this dog does not even look like a dog, due to the huge amount of hair it has.

4. The Komondor

The Komodor breed is very similar to Puli, being that Komondors also have matted dreadlocks.

The main difference is that Pulis are black and Komondors are white.

You can often hear Komondors being called “mop dogs.”

3. Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiffs are very similar to an English Mastiff, Bloodhound, and a Shar-Pei, all combined into one breed.

This is a reason well enough why they are among the top 10 ugliest dogs.

2. The Mexican Hairless

Mexican Hairless dogs belong to the list of ugly dogs due to their uneven skin and their dirty hair.

Even though we think that the Mexican Hairless deserves the first place on our list, still there are people who do not consider it the ugliest one.

So, Mexican Hairless is the second worst-looking breed.

1. Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested breed won this competition as dogs were rated on their physical appearance.

But, if it was for its personality, the Chinese Crested would still win as we could not find one attractive thing about this dog.

According to many people’s opinion, the Chinese Crested is not at all adorable.

But generally speaking, beauty cannot be defined and all these dogs can be found cute for some people, being that the personality is what truly makes the dog.

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