200+ Traditional Country, Western, and Southern Dog Names


Having in mind that Southerners are very attached to their families, people tend to choose their names for a new dog in the family, as it will emphasize that the dog is more than just a pet.

These dog names are terms of endearment in a Southern household and what is even more important they carry the feeling of love towards the pet.

Thus, we have made a collection of classic Southern names for your male or female dog that we considered pretty cute names which can fit any dog.

Traditional Southern Male Dog Names

  1. Bear: A popular name for a brown country dog
  2. Buddy: A traditional dog name for that faithful companion that will never leave you
  3. Buster: Southern name for a playful puppy.
  4. Duke: A regal and traditional Southern namesake for a dog that respects all the commands
  5. Gus: Ideal name for a dog that will grow old with you and sit with you on the porch
  6. Marley: Perfect for a friendly outdoor dog
  7. Rex: A name for a tough dog, like a pitbull

Traditional Southern Female Dog Names

  1. Foxy: Popular name for a dog with a red or orange coat
  2. Gracie: A classic Southern name for a beautiful long-coated shepherd dog
  3. Jessie: A name for a dog with a Southern rebellious streak
  4. Jojo: A name that fits both a male or female dog.
  5. Lacy: Often used for female farm dogs
  6. Lulu: A really Southern name for a dog
  7. Roxy: A beautiful name for a show dog type
  8. Sassy: A name for a young girl pup

Dog Names Popular in the South

Abby Boone Jolene
Ace Bud June
Ada Bullet Kitty
Addie Burt Linda
Adelaide Butch Lou
Adeline Callie Louey
Anna Belle Carter Maisie
Anna Beth Charlie Maribelle
Anna Mae Clementine Marshall
Anna Banana Cole Mason
Anne Connie Miley
Archie Daisy May Mirabelle
Bailey Dan Moxy
Bandit Davis Pepper
Barbara Delta Red
Beau Dixie Rosie
Benny Earl Rutabaga
Betsy Eli Ryker
Betty Emma Scarlett
Billy Finn Shelby
Biscuit Ginger Smokey
Blanche Glory Sundance
Blue Hallie Tallulah
Bo Hank Tammy
Bob Harper Uncle
BobbyJo Hazel Weston
Bonanza Jamie Willow
Bonnie Jim Bob Yeller

Country Dog Names

Angel Gunner Parker
Belle Harley Pearl
Benny Huckleberry Penny
Boomer Jake Preston
Bubba Jasper RIle
Butter Jax Rudy
Candy Jeb Sallie
Cash Jed Sally
Champ Joey Sam
Chance King Sawyer
Chase Lady Scout
Clyde Lee Teddy
Cody Lucky Tessa
Cooper Luke Toby
Davy Lulu Trixie
Delilah Mabel Tucker
Dottie Maverick Twain
Faye Molly Ty
Frankie Ollie Zeke
Georgia Otis Ziggy

Western Dog Names

Angus Dallas Ryder
Austin Dog Sage
Banjo Dusty Savannah
Blaze Houston Shadow
Boone Indy Shiloh
Boots Junior Sienna/Sierra
Buck/Bucky Laney Silver
Cacti Lariat Spur
Canyon Lasso Summer
Carolina Levi Sunny
Cheyenne Lonestar Tex
Chief Piper Trigger
Colt Ranchero Walker
Dakota Rocky Wayne
Dale Rusty Woody

Dog Names Inspired by Country Singers

Blake Hank Rogers
Brad Jennings Shania
Brooks Jo Strait
Carrie Johnny Swift
Cash Keith Taylor
Chesney Kenny Tim
Chuck Leanne Toby
Conway Loretta Travis
Dierks Martina Trayce
Dolly Mcgraw Trisha
Dwight Merle Twain
Elvis Mimi (for Miranda Lambert) Twitty
Faith Nelson Vince
Garth Patsy Waylon
George Presley Willie
Gretchen Randy Wynonna
Haggard Reba Wynette

How to Create More Southern Dog Names

Now, after going through all these names and you still cannot quite find the right name, but you really want to give a Southern name to your new family member, here are some suggestions that will help you create your own yet Southern name.

Use Tree and Flower Names: Oak, Willow, and Clover are great examples of using nature for name ideas. If you like spending a lot of time outdoors just like your dog, it makes sense to name it after some sort of growth.

Patriotic Names: You can always choose to dedicate your dog’s name to a city, state, or heroes from history, such as Dakota, Arizona, Lincoln, or Winslow.

Inanimate Objects: another option is to name your dog after some things that are typical of the countryside, such as Truck, Fiddle, or Hay.

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