Teddy Bear Dogs and Puppies


The Teddy Bear dog is a totally new breed of “designer dog”.

The start of the new millennium was the moment when they first appeared.

The Zuchon or Shuchon are the well-known names for these dogs.

Due to its appearance as well as temperament, this dog is considered one of the cutest companion dogs.

A Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise Mix

Teddy Bear puppies are a mixed breed – Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise.

Currently, they are not accepted by the American Kennel Club, but they have promised to give the Teddy Bear official recognition as a breed once more generations are raised.

It will be officially named the Zuchon.

There is a number of people looking for these cuddly companion dogs to take care of, so the popularity of Teddy Bear puppies is rising throughout both the United States and other countries.

We decided to find out what makes this designer breed so popular and attractive, and offer you data related to some of this dog’s qualities.


Teddy bear puppies are quite small, and what is even better, they remain small when they grow up.

This may be the reason why people like them, as they only grow to a height of approximately 12 inches.

Being that they are not very tall, they are also quite light, weighing 12 to 14 pounds as adult dogs.

They have a soft, fluffy coat that does not shed too much,  which is also taken as an advantage of this breed.

The owner can decide whether to clip the coat short or left it long.

You can notice round faces with squashed muzzles and large eyes.

Teddy bear puppies also have droopy ears and short, fluffy tails.

When it comes to the coat color, it can be of any color, which is not seen in other companion breeds such as the Bichon Frise.

What is most important when taking care of a dog is that Teddy Bear dogs are eager to please.


Whichever dog you decided to keep, you will need to have an effect on what kind of temperament it will develop.

Teddy bear puppies will have their own behaviours, if not socialized and trained.

How they will act depends on their upbringing, socialization and environment.

However, the breed’s common behaviours and characteristics are that they are quite eager to please and intelligent, thus it is easy to train them.

Also, they love to be in the company of their owners, which is not the case of other independent small dog breeds.

Unlike other small dogs that keep on barking, Teddy bear dogs tend to be less vocal.

Of course, they will bark if there is a visitor coming to your house, but they will not be nuisance barkers as some other breeds.

Health and Care

If we compare them to their ancestors, Teddy bear dogs are considered relatively healthy.

This is caused by the genetic diversity of being a mixed breed and their small stature.

Teddy bear puppies are short-muzzled dogs, and they may have breathing problems or sensitivity to high temperatures.

Also, they are prone to getting a buildup of grime and dirt, so it is necessary to clean the dog’s ears on a semi-regular basis.

Furthermore, regular brushing and the occasional trim of this dog coat is required, being that if you neglect it,  the coat can become matted.

Are These Dogs Hypoallergenic?

This dog is considered an ideal pet for families with allergies, as it does not shed.

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