100+ Scary, Tough, and Strong Guard Dog Names

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Is Your Dog a Badass? Great Names for Tough Dogs

It is important to choose the right dog for your new family member no matter if it is a fierce teacup Chihuahua or rescued Cane Cors.

In case they really deserve a powerful name you will need to find the one that will match your dog.

Fierce dogs are worthy of a scary, tough, strong name that will go along with their aggressive and powerful nature, besides his/her small size.

The names we offer can work for both boys and girls., just find the one that you like.

Fierce Names for Girl and Guy Dogs

Acadia Banshee Brick
Ajax Bear Brock
Alaska Beast Brooklyn
Ares Biggy Bro
Augustus Blaze Bruiser
Axel Blue Bruno
Bale Bogie Bud
Bandit Bones Buffalo
Bane Boss Bullet
Bang Brando Butcher

Strong Names for Female or Male Dogs

Captain Damia Dozer
Cassidy Darth Draco
Ceasar Dax Duchess
Chavez Demon Duke
Che Diablo Dude
Chopper Diesel Dutch
Cleopatra Digger East
Cobra Ditka Ebony
Court Doc Felon
Creed Doom Fender
Dagger Doc Francis

Tough Names for Your Fearless Canine

Freya Harley K-9
Frisco Hatfield Kahlan
Ghost Hercules Kennedy
Gladiator Hudson Khan
Goliath Hulk Killa
Gonzo Indiana King
Graze Ire Kiln
Grit Jade Knox
Guantanamo Jaws Kush
Hades Jax Lefty
Hannibal Jordan Leia

Aggressive Names for Girl and Boy Dogs

Lex Marley Olympia
Lift Maverick Onyx
Lincoln Medusa Orion
Loki Mercy Outkast
Lola Missy Ozzie
Lonestar Mob Parks
Lucifer Nails Pepper
Mace Nitro Pistol
Mack North Pyro
Major Notorious Queen
Malcolm O.G. Rambo

Strong Name Ideas for Your Dog

Rambo Ronda Sissy
Raven Rowan Slash
Reaper Roxie Sloane
Rebel Ryder Snake
Red Sable Sniper
Ryder Sarge Sonny
Rocky Scar South
Rogue Scrapper Stallion
Roo Shasta Steel
Roman Sheba Storm
Ronaldo Sheer Tank

Cool Names for Your Strong Dog

Teegan Ulysses Washington
Thor Venus West
Titan Vera Wrigley
Tito Viking Xander
Tombstone Vinnie Xena
Trooper Vitas Yukon
Tyson Vlad Yuna

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