Badass Pit Bull Names for Males and Females


Yes, we know that they look so strong, aggressive and for many people, they are ugly dogs, but we need to say that pit bulls really make wonderful family dogs, and their reputation based on their looks is quite unfair.

The media keeps on announcing that pit bulls tend to attack people, which is the case with any breed of dog.

The main reason for these unfair judgments is that pit bulls are excellent guardians and the perfect security system, so it is their instinct to attack, that is to protect their owners.

Appearance should not fool you, as these dogs really have a loving heart and are a great part of a family.

This breed is highly intelligent, strong, and very loyal, plus it is not at all aggressive when raised in a loving environment.

Know the Pit Bull Breed

When giving the name to your dog you need to get familiar with his/her personality.

Actually, finding the perfect name is possible only if you know your dog well.

Naming your new pup can be based on a dog’s behavior and naming a pit bull puppy makes no difference.

Even though pit bulls’ names are often based on the not so attractive appearance, our suggestion is to take a deeper look into his/her eyes and find that sweet personality, thus giving him/her the name that will fit it.

We thought that you might need help in the naming process, so we decided to compy this categorized list of names for your pitbull pup.

Male Pit Bull Names

Ash Cole Kilo
Bambam Comet King
Barrack Dasher Maddox
Blitz Fang Onyx
Bruno Jax Thurman
Butch Jet Viper
Chip Kane Zack

Those of you who have a male pit bull should give him the name that connotes his inner personality traits while at the same time has to sound as strong as he is.

Female Pit Bull Names

Athena Kali Roxy
Baby Lady Sugar
Coco Lily Sweetie
Diva Nala Vega
Dixie Nova Vixen
Fiona Prada Willow
Isis Queen Zara

Female pit bull owners should not be afraid to give her a sweet, soft name even though the dog looks strong and scary.

Badass Pit Bull Names

Angus Jagger Spike
Beast Jaws Thor
Blaze Killer Thunder
Bolt Mayhem Trigger
Brutus Rocky Tron
Bullet Skeletor Xena
Gunner Sparta Zeus

There are always those pitbull owners who insist on having a badass name, as they have strong dogs that need an aggressive-sounding name.

Funny Pit Bull Names

Astro Georgio Sergio
Bacon G-Unit Taco
Big Mac Homie Tater
Bimbo Jedi Waffles
Cheeto Nacho Weezer
Dubya Obama Whopper
Einstein Potato Wiz

Whoever looks for a funny name for his/her pitbull, he/she needs to choose carefully.

Mythological Pit Bull Names

Achilles Bacchus Damon Gilgamesh Icarus Mercury Psyche
Adonis Balthazar Daphne Govinda Isolde Midas Puck
Appolo Belenos Dido Gunnar Janus Narcissus Rhea
Aphrodite Beowulf Dionysus Hades Jasper Neptune Romulus
Althea Brahma Echo Hector Jocasta Nike Saturn
Ammon Brontes Electra Helena Juno Odin Shiva
Andromeda Calypso Eros Helle Jupiter Oscar Thanatos
Antigone Cassiopeia Fauna / Faunus Hera Krishna Pallas Ulysses
Ares Chandra Finn Hercules Lilith Pandora Uther
Ariadne Circe Freya Hermes Loki Pax Vulcan
Argus Cupid Gandalf Hermione Mars Phobos / Phoebe Zephyr
Athena Cybele Ganesh Hippolyta Medusa Pluto Zeus

Let Your Pup Pick Its Name

As you have seen, so many names and it is still up to you to choose only one or two.

This task is certainly troublesome, so we have prepared some tips that people find useful when picking a name for their pit bull.

What we liked the most is that whichever of the given ways you choose, you will need to include your pup in the name-picking process.

We consider it fair as they are those who will hear that name for the rest of the life.

The first method is to call out names if you have doubts between a few names.

You can go to a room that the dog is not in and call out names.

If your dog comes to one of the names you call out, you will not have to think about it anymore.

That would be the perfect one.

Also, you can use index cards and write different names that you like on them.

Then, you can place a piece of dog food on each card and the one that your dog comes to first will be his/her name.

Furthermore, you can involve the whole family in the naming process, as they can really help.

It is not uncommon that family members have an argument being that each person may have the ideal name for a new dog.

What you can do is to form a large circle around the dog, and each family member starts calling the dog by the name they have chosen.

When the dog goes to someone, that person’s name should become the dog’s name.

You may consider it a really fun way to choose a name for your dog, but peeing on trees is a method that turned out to be effective.

This only works with male dogs who have learned to lift their leg.

You can tack a different name to each tree and let your pit bull pee on a tree with a name that will become his name.

As you could see, all the methods involve your dog and you actually let him/her pick the name.

This will save you time and energy if you have doubts about names.

To make the dog get used to the name, you should give him/her a treat each time it comes to you when called.

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