99 Native American Names for Male Dogs


Native American Nature Spirit Name Inspiration

Native American names are frequently used as names for dogs, due to the fact that these people were courageous and strong.

When nature spirit names are in question, they come from myth and legend.

So, these days, both small dogs as well as those huge guard dogs have Native American names.

We would like to mention 99 meaningful, indigenous words that can be and are frequently used as names for any dog breed.

If you have a strong male dog, you can consider giving it a name related to the animal kingdom of the Wild West.

People believe that if a dog has the name of a bear, buffalo, foxes, and wolves well known in Native American cultures, it will have health and long life.

Below you can see some of the best meaningful dog names taken from native languages from around North America, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Animal Spirit Dog Names from Indigenous Languages

Name Tribe or Language Meaning
Kuruk Pawnee Bear
Honovi Hopi Powerful Deer
Animosh Algonquin Dog
Omitaa Blackfoot Dog
Makwa Algonquin Bear
Nokosi Seminole Bear
Honan Miwok Bear
Honaw Hopi Bear
Miwak Miwok Growl of a Bear
Keme Algonquin Thunder
Ahonu Algonquin He Who Laughs
Maska Strong and Brave
Koa Hawaiian Strong and Brave
Kitchi Algonquin Brave
Tonka Dakota Bull
Yansa Cherokee Buffalo

Native American Words Meaning Wolf, Coyote and Fox

Name Tribe or Language Meaning
Hemene Nez Perce Wolf
Tikaani Inuit Wolf
Apisi Blackfoot Coyote
Kiyaya Yakima Howling Wolf
Amarog Inuit Wolf
Honi Arapaho Wolf
Honiahaka Cheyenne Little Wolf
Maikoh Navajo Wolf
Maiyun Cheyenne Wolf
Maheegan Algonquin Wolf
Waya Cherokee Wolf
Tokula Lakota Fox
Tsu lal gi Creek Fox
Cu la al ke Creek Fox
òkwës Lenape Fox
Tëme Lenape Wolf
Tëmetët Lenape Coyote

Strong Native America Names Meaning Chief or Boss

Name Tribe or Language Meaning
Desna Inuit Boss
Akiak Inuit Brave
Micco Seminole Chief
Alii Hawaiian Chief
Kahuna Hawaiian Held in High Esteem
Hiamovi Cheyenne High Chief
Awan Algonquin Somebody
Yuma Navajo Son of the Chief
Bidziil Navajo He Who is Strong

Indigenous Spirit Animal Names

Name Tribe or Language Meaning
Kele Hopi Sparrow
Mochni Hopi Talking Bird
Sequoyah Cherokee Sparrow
Miki Inuit Little
Mansi Hopi Plucked Flowers
Mukki Algonquian Child
Nikan Potawatomi My Friend
Nuttah Algonquian My Heart
Ogin Wild Rose
Pakwa Hopi Frog
Pules Algonquian Pigeon
Rozene Rose
Salali Cherokee Squirrel
Sihu Hopi Flower

Dog Names From American Indian Colors

Name Tribe or Language Meaning
Hento Dakota Blue
Sioux Kangee Crow or Raven
Kilchii Navajo Red Boy
Muraco White Moon
Skah Sioux White
Suki Algonquin Black
Sesi Inuit Snow
Fala Choctaw Crow
Gomda Kiowa Crow

Meaningful Tribal Names for Rescued Dogs

Name Tribe or Language Meaning
Tiquanna Inuit Adopted Son
Arawak Tupi Spirit
Hok’ee Navajo Abandoned
Dakota Sioux Friend
Nikan Potawatomi Friend
Takoda Sioux Friend to Everyone
Aloha Hawaiian Love, Hello, and Goodbye

Spirit Names From Nature

Name Tribe or Language Meaning
Abedabun Cheyenne Sight of Day
Abetzi Omaha Yellow Leaf
Adsila Cherokee Blossom
Aiyana Eternal Blossom
Alawa Algonquin Pea
Ama Cherokee Water
Amitola Rainbow
Aponi Butterfly
Awanata Miwok Turtle
Awantia Fawn
Chapa Sioux Beaver
Cholena Bird
Chumani Sioux Dewdrops
Kele Hopi Sparrow
Kewanee Potawatomi Prairie Hen
Kinta Choctaw Deer
Koko Blackfoot Night
Leotie Flower of the Prairie
Lulu Rabbit
Mika Intelligent Racoon

Strong Indian Names That Celebrate Great Deeds

Name Tribe or Language Meaning
Adoette Kiowa Big tree
Bly Tall
Wyome Algonquian Large Plain
Bidzill He is Strong
Enyeto Miwok Walks like a Bear
Eyota Great
Hanska Sioux Tall
Hiamovi Cheyenne High Chief
Holata Seminole Alligator
Ituha Sturdy Oak
Kai Willow Tree
Liwanu Miwok Growling Bear
Machk Algonquian Bear
Mato Sioux Bear
Songaa Strong
Tasunke Dakota Horse

The Algonquin Language

Being that the Algonquin is one of the most populous and widespread Native American groups, ranging from the Northeast and throughout Canada and the Great Lakes region, it is not unusual that the majority of Americans identify themselves with the Algonquin tribes.

These tribes include the Miami, Sauk, Lenape (aka Delaware), Cree, Ottawa, Potawatomi, Mahican, Arapaho, Blackfoot, and Cheyenne, among many others.

5 Famous Native Americans


The meaning of the word Cochise is “Strength of an Oak.”

Cochise was an Apache leader, the most famous one after Geronimo, who fought against the Mexicans and the Americans.

You can see all his endeavors in a Hollywood movie Broken Arrow and Fort Apache, where Cochise is presented as a great hero with his only white friend, Tom Jeffords.


When we translate this word from the native Apache tongue, Geronimo means “One Who Yawns.”

He is known as a revenger, due to the fact that his mother, wife, and children were killed by Mexican troops.

During the next 25 years, Geronimo was fighting against both American and Mexican settlers and troops in his territory.

Chief Crazy Horse

Chief Crazy Horse is definitely one of the best-known Native American warriors.

According to the stories, Chief Crazy Horse had some visions that brought him strength and courage.

He was also known as “Ogle Tonka Un” or “shirt wearer”, meaning “war leader.”

His most famous battle was with General George Crook, the Battle of the Rosehead.


The best-known hero of the Shawnee is definitely Tecumseh.

He fought for an independent Native American nation in present-day Indiana.

So as to make his dream come true, he recruited other tribes and in the War of 1812, together with the British, they defeated Ft. Detroit.

William Tecumseh Sherman was named for the great Shawnee chief, and his friends and family used to call him “Cump.”


Pontiac was an Ottowa leader who is known for leading a rebellion against the British government in 1763.

This rebellion was later named Pontiac’s Rebellion.

Furthermore, Pontiac, Michigan, and the automobile company are named for him.

The Cherokee People

The Cherokee people living in the Southeast of the United States speak an Iroquoian language, which suggests that they migrated from the Northeastern part of the continent.

There are more than 800,000 people who identify themselves as Cherokee.

We would like to mention that the Cherokee were the first Native Americans to gain US citizenship.

However, there were the Cherokee people who did not wish to assimilate, so they were relocated to the Oklahoma territories.

This relocation was known as the Trails of Tears, due to the fact that many of them died of starvation and exhaustion.

Famous Cherokee people include Will Rogers, Tom Mix, Cher, Walter Brennan, Johnny Depp, and James Earl Jones.

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