200+ Cool Male Dog Names and Meanings


Unique Dog Names and Meanings

Every dog owner knows how important it is to choose the perfect name for his/her dog.

The animals deserve to have a name that suits their personality or appearance.

There are numerous names available and we have made the list below as a great way to find that perfect name.

Plus, we have added the right meaning of each name so as to help you in the naming process.

Take your time to go through all of them and we are sure that you will find the one that best fits your new family member.

Male Dog Names A–C

Name Meaning
Ace One, single unit; poker card
Al Fresco In the open air
Aladdin Story and cartoon star
Albo Derivative from dog food
Alcatraz Famous US prison
Alfie A version of the name “Alfred”; counselor, guide
Ali Baba From “Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves”
Alpaca Type of animal with soft fur
Andre This can be like Andre the Giant (wrestler)
Apex At the very top of
Apollo Destroyer; can be a reference to Rocky films or Greek mythology; also space missions
Balboa Money in Panama; famous movie character
Baldwin Number of famous movie and TV actors
Bane The famous villain in Batman shows
Basil Type of herb
Bengal A type of orange tiger
Bentley Ranch or farm with grass
Benz Luxury type of car
Beowulf The oldest story that is known to man
Berber Indigenous North African people
Biscuit Either a type of small bread or cookie, depending on the US vs. the UK
Blizzard The snowstorm that can often cause whiteouts (can’t see)
Boa Type of snake that constricts
Bobo Highly educated liberal that is non-uniform
Bogart To keep to yourself; also a famous actor
Bomber Type of airplane that dispenses bombs
Bookie A bookmaker; often involved in gambling
Borat Famous comedy film character
Boris A contender, warrior
Brewster A person who makes beverages; very male-oriented
Bubbles Air pockets inside a liquid
Buckwheat Famous TV character; confused for the type of grass
Buddy Friend; very common dog name
Byron From the outbuildings or barns
Cameo Type of cover that hides; also a walk-on role
Canyon Large ground opening often cut by glaciers
Cappy Short term for “captain”
Casey Steadfast in war
Caspian From the Caspian Sea
Champ Short term for “champion”
Charlie Freeman
Chauffeur A person who drives another around
Chewbacca Star Wars character (furry, brown)
Clapton Famous guitar player
Conan Dog, Wolf
Crockett Name of explorer

Male Dog Names D–H

Name Meaning
Dale First name of the famous driver
Dane Play on words, think of calling a small dog a Great Dane
Dante Everlasting
Dexter Towards the right side (also famous fictional killer)
Diddley Acting in a silly manner
Dilbert Cartoon character
Diesel Type of fuel used for motors
Dingo A wild Australian dog
Dingus Slang for Dingo and silly person
Divot Small indentations
Donner To put on or wear; slang for “to beat up”
Doodle To draw idly; small drawing
Doyle Irish name that combines “dark” and “stranger”
Dragon Type of mythical creature
Dynamo Somebody with incredible vitality and power
Eddard A famous character from Game of Thrones
Edward A famous character from a number of movies
Elvis Famous singer
Emerson Fortitude and force
Espresso Type of compressed coffee
Euphrates Famous river
Fabian Successful farmer, green thumb
Falco Famous video game character
Falcon Type of bird that eats rodents
Fender Brand of guitar, part on a car
Fergus Man of power, presence
Fletch To put feathers on (like an arrow)
Frankenstein Lumbering and big dog
Franks A shortened version of Frankenstein
Gabe Name of character from the TV show The Office
Gage An item presented to show good intention (collateral)
Gannon The villain from Zelda games
Garrett Lance; bold
Genghis A famous leader from Mongolia
Ginko Type of root and Chinese tree
Gizmo A mechanical gadget or thingamajig; a contraption
Griswold German word meaning from a gray forest
Guinness Beer; famous records book; calling an actor versatile
Gulliver Glutton, hungry
Gyro Type of food, relative to motion (gyroscope)
Hinkley A town in the State of California
Hogan Famous wrestler, Navajo hut with logs and dirt
Hooligan Slang for a troublemaker
Horace Gatekeeper; timekeeper
Hugo Savvy, intelligent
Hulk Like the superhero or pro wrestler
Hunter Seeks or finds
Hyde Dazzling

Male Dog Names I–N

Name Meaning
Iggy Blazing one (Fun FYI: Many people know this name through vocalist and lyricist Iggy Pop)
Igor Russian for Warrior of Peace
Indiana, Indy The place where there are Indians (Fun FYI: People know this name from racing and the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.)
Jabba From Star Wars villain, describes a lazy dog
Jake A variant of Jack or Jacob
Jagger Famous rocker; someone who owns a stable of pack horses
Jay Reference to a blue jaybird
Jax Child of Jack
Jetta Latin meaning is a black gem
Jinx To bring bad luck or ill fortune; Usually used for cats, but can be used for funky dogs
Jojo Born on Monday; fun to say
Judge Determines law and passes opinions
Jumbo Large
Kahuna The local medicine man or cleric
Kazoo Musical toy, the name can be used for silly dog
Kevlar Type of woven armor
King Ruler
Kirby From the town with the church
Kite A toy that flies in the wind
Kodak Camera company, slang for outdated
Larry Like a famous basketball player
Leo Lion, great for yellow labs
Lead A substance used to make many other items
Levi Jean brand, Hebrew for attached/joined
Loki The god of underhandedness and mischief
Lux A shortened version of Luxury
Macbeth Famous fictional character and play
Magee Child of Aodh
Malcolm Scottish for a disciple of St. Columba
Melvin Irish name meaning “chief”
Merc Often short for “mercenary” but can be short for “mercury”
Milo Quiet and peaceful
Monk Religious practitioner
Morris Derived from Maurice which means dark-skinned; swarthy
Muggs, Mugsy Gangster sidekick
Muscles Type of anatomy that contracts using calcium and electrical signals
Mustafa Chosen
Nacho Type of food; orange
Napoleon Famous French conqueror; often slang synonym with “French”
Nero Roman emperor that was known for cruelty
Nike Shoe brand, Greek for Victory
Nitro Chemical gathering
Noodle A slender strip of dried dough

Male Dog Names O–S

Name Meaning
Odie Wood slope
Oliver Relates to an olive tree
Oscar Movie award; used as a code word in radio communications
Ozzie, Ozzy Divine spearman
Paddington Famous bear and train station
Pagoda Asian temple or sacred building
Paladin A chivalrous champion; protector of a noble cause
Panda Type of black/white bearlike animal
Pharaoh Ruler of Ancient Egypt
Picasso Famous painter; slang for attractive from one angle/not the other
Pistol Handgun, slang for energetic
Pixel The tiniest part of a digital image
Popeye Famous fictional sailor/cartoon
Quark Physics particle, low-fat cheese curd
Radar Sonar equipment, slang for detection
Rags Discarded cloth pieces
Ramstein Famous German band
Ranger Outdoor explorer
Rascal Trouble maker
Rasta Jamaican origin
Reece Eagerness
Remington Brand of the gunmaker, a brand of typewriter maker
Romeo Famous fictional romance character
Royce Royal
Ryder Mounted delivery person or warrior
Sage Type of herb; a person who knows a lot
Samson Like the sun
Scooter Shuffling movement
Seal Sea creature and famous singer
Sinatra Famous singer
Slicker Type of jacket; smooth or glossy
Sonata Song style
Strider To stroll with huge steps

Male Dog Names T–Z

Name Meaning
Tamale Type of Mexican food
Taz Shorthand for a Tasmanian Devil; often known as a cartoon character from Looney Tunes
Thumper The thing that beats or thumps; slang for a passionate person
Tonka Toy truck brand
Trojan A culture that used a trick horse to invade
Trooper To go along with; a state police officer
Trout Type of fish
Valentino Great health
Venga Impolite command phrase meaning “speed up” or “hurry on”
Vesper Evening star
Vladimir Vlad to rule
Waddles Short stepper that sways
Wanderer Explorer looking around
Warhol Famous artist
Wicket A little entryway
Woodsy Outdoor driven, or characteristics that relate outdoors
Wrangler Brings things together; horse handler at a ranch
Xander Safe guarder of men
Xavier The new house
Xerxes Greek name meaning “leaving”
Xing Star
Yo-Yo Type of toy that leaves down a string and returns; slang for fluctuating
Yodel Type of singing among Swiss Mountaineers
Zazu Movement
Zephyr Gentle breeze; Greek god of wind
Zed British for the letter “Z”
Zero The text form of “0”
Ziggy Famous cartoon character
Zoomer Fast mover
Zuma Frowns in anger

Tips on Naming a Dog

As you have gone through the above-mentioned lists of names, and you have selected a few names that you found interesting, we know that you may still be wondering which one is the best for your dog.

Yes, choosing a dog name can be tricky and time-consuming but take enough time as your pet’s name should be unique.

Furthermore, giving our dogs the same name that our friends have given to their dogs or the name that is most frequently heard in the park is not a solution.

If you cannot choose only one, as many of the names are attractive, you can always give a dog a regular name and a nickname, or a middle name as well.

To make this task easier, we give you some methods to choose the best dog name.

Avoid Puns:  People tend to give dogs names based on what dogs frequently do. For example, a dog named Gnarles Barkley growls and barks a lot, but this name may not fit him in 10 years. Or calling your dog Chewy because he chews a lot on stuff. If you name your dog using puns, people might assume that you are a fan of any product name you give your dog.

Go Long: Some people rather choose a longer name that is later on shortened to a cute small name. For example, Bently is often shortened to Ben or Bennie. However, it is worth noting that your dog has to know a long name before you start using short names. Owners tend to add a “Sir” or “Captain” before the dog’s regular name.

Favorite Character: There are numerous situations when owners give their dog a name of a popular character from TV or a movie. However, if you choose to do this, you need to make sure that this show has been around for a while so that the name has the more staying-power.

Human Names: Of course, many dogs have human names. Our suggestion is to use a short “dog-like” name. That way you will avoid situations where a friend has the same name as your dog. Have in mind that naming your dog the same as a new friend can cause that person to feel insulted.

Dog Traits: You can name your fog after a specific trait but only if it is a positive reminder. You should definitely avoid tying a negative experience to a dog. An example of the name for a dog that chews up slippers is Sir Chews-a-lot.

Don’t Worry: Experiencing trouble and stress when choosing a dog’s name is not uncommon. investing so much energy in finding the right fit with so many possibilities can cause paralysis. All in all, we hope that after going through this list of tips and names, you will certainly choose a great dog name.

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