200+ Gun Names for Dogs


Dogs Are a Hunter’s Best Friend

Every dog owner is aware of how joyful it is when you get home to watch your dog drooling due to the fact that it is so excited to see you.

Having a dog in your family an amazing experience and owners like it because dogs love them no matter what.

When gun owners are in question, they love their pets slightly more than their love for their guns.

Guns can be compared to dogs, as they require an almost equal amount of attention.

You will need to get the proper permits, keep them in safe places, and clean.

If you have a passion for guns and you want to name your dog after it, there are plenty of gun names for dogs to choose from and we will offer some of them.

Gun Manufacturer Names for Dogs

AK Mossberg
Anderson Nexter
Benelli Noveske
Beretta Remington
Bersa Ruger
Blaser Sauer
Browning Savage
Bushmaster Seraphim
Charter Sig
Chiappa Smith
Colt Springfield
Crickett Stag
Crosman Sturm
Franchi Taurus
Glock Tikka
Heckler TOZ
Kimber Walther
Koch Weatherby
Marlin Wesson
Mauser Winchester

Gun Model Names for Dogs

Arquebus Machine
Assault Momentum
Avenger Musket
Blackhawk Musketoon
Blunderbuss Navy
Bolt Pistol
Bullpup Powerhead
Carbine Revolver
Derringer Rhino
Desert Eagle Rifle
Diplomat Shotgun
Garand Switchblock
Gatling Uzi
Iceman Vulcan
Infidel Wildcat

Names for Dogs Inspired by Gun Parts

Baffle Matchlock
Barrel Muzzle
Butt Picatinny
Chamber Pin
Clip Pivot
Cylinder Plug
Damascus Ramrod
Ejector Rib
Extractor Scope
Flintlock Sear
Hammer Silencer
Hush Puppy Slide
Laser Spring
Linx Stock
Lock Strut
Magazine Trigger
Maggie Underlug

Ammo-Inspired Dog Names

Ammo Gunpowder
Ammunition Hollowpoint
Ballistic Hydra-Shok
BB Jacket
Birdshot Pellet
Blank Powder
Brass Propellant
Buckshot Rimfire
Bullet Rounder
Caliber Rounds
Cartridge Shell
Dum-Dum Shelly
Dummy Slug
Guage Wadcutter

More Gun Terms to Consider

Big Bore Point Blank
Friendly Fire Pump
Half-cock Recoil
Hangfire Red Dot
Holster Ricochet
Iron Sight Spitzer
Misfire Submachine
PB Swage
Pew Pew Trajectory
Plink Velocity

Marksman-Inspired Dog Names

Assassin Outlaw
Bandit Range
Berm Ranger
Bullseye Scout
Decoy Sheriff
Dogtag Shoot
Fighter Shooter
Fire Shot
Flyer Skeet
Gangster Sniper
Gunman Soldier
Gunslinger Strier
Hotshot Target
Hunter Torpedo
Marine Tracker
Marksman Triggerman
Mobster Veteran

Famous Gun-Wielding Characters

Character TV/Film/Video Game
Butch Cassidy Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
Deadshot Suicide Squad
Dirty Harry Dirty Harry
Django Django Unchained
Harley Quinn Suicide Squad
Harmonica Once Upon a Time in the West
Marshal Gunsmoke
Master Chief Halo
Riggs Lethal Weapon
The Dog with No Name Inspired by The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
Ringo Stagecoach
Judge Dredd Judge Dredd
Punisher The Punisher
James Bond 7
Bonnie Bonnie and Clyde
Clyde Bonnie and Clyde
Alice Resident Evil
Ripley Alien
Costello The Departed
Jules Pulp Fiction
Furiosa Mad Max: Fury Road
Han Solo Star Wars
Al Capone The Untouchables

Fictional Firearms to Name a Dog

Gun Name TV/Film/Video Game
Blade Blaster Power Rangers
Boomstick Army of Darkness
Chemrail Gun Elysium
Golden Gun 7
Gristle Gun EXistenZ
Hailstorm Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Haymaker Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Infinity Blaster Toy Story
Kuda Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Lancer Gears of War
Lawgiver Judge Dredd
Man-O-War Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Maverick Call of Duty: Ghosts
Mortia Starship Troopers
Needler Halo
Noisy Cricket The Men in Black
Phaser Star Trek
Ripper Call of Duty: Ghosts
Smartgun Aliens
Vesper Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Winona Farscape
Zorg The Fifth Element

Aiming for the Perfect Name

We hope that among all the above-mentioned names you have found the one that suits your dog.

Some great name ideas for your pup are offered, but if you still have doubts and cannot determine for one, we suggest that you make a list of the best.

From all of those you have put on the list, you should find the name that best fits these naming criteria.

  • Personality: In the majority of cases, owners give their dogs names that reflect the dog’s individual personality. Its personality is obvious from a very early age and if you devote some time to play with your pup, you will be able to determine what kind of personality he or she has. It can be hyper, shy, skittish, excited, loving, and according to it, you can name your puppy.
  • Appearance: Appearance is typically the most obvious factor to consider when you give your dog a name. The name can be given depending on specific markings on your dog, two different colored eyes, the fur color, whether it is muscular or skinny. The way your dog looks can give you an idea of some great dog names.
  • How it sounds: A name that is written on the paper sometimes looks better than it sounds so before you give it to your dog, you must be sure to say the name out loud. If it sounds suitable for your dog and you are ready to often repeat it, then you can name your dog.
  • Yell it out: You are now sure that you want to hear this name many times, but it is not only about what you hear, but what other people would need to hear as well when you call your dog. You must pay attention to be politically correct and not yell out the name that sounds offensive to others.
  • Practice commands: You need to practice saying the name with the command to see how it sounds, such as “______, sit!” “Shake, ______!”

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