101 Greek Goddess Names That Make Epic Female Dog Names


When getting a new dog, the first thing we think about is the name that will be suitable for him/her.

Even though it does not play any special role in a dog’s behavior and personality, we all think that a name can be very important.

However, sometimes a dog’s name can become a prophecy and if you name your dog Luna, she could turn out to be a lunatic.

On the other hand, if a dog is named Artemis, after the Greek goddess of the hunt, she may help develop excellent hunting skills.

So, we have decided to provide you with a list of cool dog names from the Greek goddesses, monsters, and heroines.

Greek Names for Agile Female Dogs

You have a new companion that is very agile, then the names of fleet heroines of Greek myth can be suitable for her.

They are symbols of loyalty but are also known as fantastic weavers.

Atalanta – she was a heroine and huntress who swore never to marry, even though many wanted to marry her because of her beauty.

Her parents really wanted her to get married, so as to please them, Atalanta agreed to marry the suitor who could beat her in a foot race.

Even though many tried, Atalanta won all the games, as she was the fastest of humans.

Hippomenes was deeply in love with her, so he prayed to Venus for help, being that he thought that he is unable to outrun the beautiful huntress.

Venus decided to help him and sent three golden apples which he should use to slow her so as to keep up with her and win the race.

Hippomenes tossed the golden apples before her as they raced, and she slowed to bend down to pick up each golden apple.

Thus, Hippomenes eventually win by half a stride, but only with Venus’ intervention.

You can name your dog Atalanta, so as to have a fleet-footed girl that can outrun boy dogs.

Athena is the goddess of mental agility, intelligence, art, literature, strategy, and weaving.

Additionally, she is a beautiful, brave, and wise goddess that appears in many stories, including the Odyssey and the Trojan War.

Athena is famous for her fairness in battle and for cool-tempered strategy, and she was her father’s, Zeus, favorite child.

Athena sprang from her father’s head.

Arachne: Athena, the most skilled of weavers, challenged the Arachne to a weaving challenge.

Unfortunately, Arachne lost the contest to Athena, but Athena noticed her considerable weaving skills, so she transformed Arachne into a spider.

This was done so that she could continue to dazzle spinning webs, for all eternity.

You should name your dog Arachne if you want a genius on the weave poles.

Nike – she is the goddess of victory, as it represents strength, speed, and triumph.

She has wings and can fly around battlefields, rewarding the victors with glory and fame represented, by a laurel wreath.

you can see her on Greek coins, and a popular line of athletic shoes is named after her.

Furthermore, she can be seen in the hood ornament on a Rolls-Royce.

If you want that your dog wins fame and glory, name her Nike.

Penelope – she was the very good wife of Odysseus. When Odysseus was sent on his ten-year journey, nobody believed that he will come back, so many suitors tried to convince Penelope to remarry.

However, she was the one who believed that Odysseus was still alive, and announced that she would remarry when she finished weaving a funeral shroud for her father-in-law.

She weaved all day, and then unravel her weaving all night.

Penelope is an ideal name for a smart and faithful girl dog.

Greek Names for Female Hunting Dogs

Artemis was famous as the virgin goddess of the hunt and mistress of animals.

At Ephesus in Turkey, her temple is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Artemis was known as the goddess of the hills and forests, so you can see her in numerous paintings and statues with her bow and arrows accompanied by a dog or a deer.

You can name your dog Artemis if you want a beautiful, faithful, and independent hunting dog.

Callisto – Her name means “the most beautiful.”

She was the daughter of Lycaon and Artemis’ hunting companion.

She took a vow of chastity but being that Zeus took a liking to her, his wife Hera transformed Callisto into a bear out of jealousy.

Then Zeus decided to transform her into a bear in the heavens, thus creating Ursa Major, the bear constellation.

A dog with this name will be a beautiful and loyal hunting companion.

Atalanta: As we have already mentioned, she was fleet-footed and a skilled huntress, as well.

She was abandoned by her father because she was a girl, but a bear rescued her and she was raised by hunters.

Atalanta is known as the first to draw blood in the Calydonian boar hunt.

After this great success, her father sought to have her marry a proper suitor, but due to the fact that he rejected her earlier, she swore to never marry.

If you rescued tour new dog, this might be the ideal name for her.

Also, a skilled and tenacious hunting dog that will beat the boy dogs should be named Atalanta.

Grecian Names for Loyal Obedience Dogs

Psyche: She is known for her fight to get back her husband, Eros.

So as to manage this, Psyche had to complete a series of four impossible tasks.

Fortunately, she had the help of ants, reeds, and towers and was able to accomplish these tasks.

As a reward, she won immortality and a place beside her husband.

Thus, Eros meaning love is joined with Psyche meaning soul, mind, or spirit.

This is one of the very few Greek myths that have a happy ending.

The word psyche in Greek alludes to spirit, soul, ghost, and self, so you should name your dog Psyche if you want an imaginative and loving obedience dog.

Hecuba – She was the faithful queen and wife of Priam, the King of Troy.

She is also known as the mother to nineteen children, including Paris, Hector, and Cassandra.

After the fall of Troy, Hecuba was presented to Odysseus as a slave, so she snarled at Odysseus and cursed him.

The gods turned her into a dog to escape her enslavement.

You can name your girl dog Hecuba if you want a true and loyal partner.

Pallas – She was a childhood friend of Athena’s, as they were raised together by Pallas’ father, Triton.

Athena accidentally killed Pallas during a game, so out of sadness and guilt, Athena decided to take her friend’s name and is known as Pallas Athena.

Pallas combines loyalty, wisdom, and strategy and if you give the name Pallas to someone, it alludes to the idea to keep someone’s memory alive.

Delphi: The Oracle of Delphi was the line of female priestesses.

They used the temple at the foot of Mount Parnassus and delivered prophecies inspired by Apollo.

Oracles were believed to be the portals that the gods used to speak directly to people.

It was considered the most powerful and inspired of the Greek oracles, so you can name your girl Pythia or Delphi if you want an instinctive dog that can read your mind.

Beautiful Greek Goddess Names for Show Dogs

Aretha: Greek girl’s name meaning beautiful, excellent, and virtuous.

Ariadne: She was a daughter of King Minos, who fell in love with Theseus and helped him escape from the Cretan Labyrinth, after killing the minotaur.

Unfortunately, she was abandoned by Theseus and married Dionysus.

Ariadne means chaste and most holy.

Calypso: Calypso is a nymph who held Odysseus captive on the island of Ogygia for a period of seven years.

Calypso enchanted Odysseus with her singing but his love for his wife Penelope was so strong that he and his crew escaped.

Odysseus asked Athena for help, who then asked Zeus for an intervention.

Zeus ordered Calypso to set Odysseus and his crew free, and she complied.

You can name your dog Calypso, and you can call her Callie if you want an obedient dog.

Calissa: Name meaning most beautiful.

Carissa: Greek name meaning grace.

Chloe: Names used as the summer name of Demeter, goddess of fertility.

Helen: We all know Helen of Troy, daughter of Zeus and Leda, sister to Castor, Pollux, and Clytemnestra.

She is famous for her stunning beauty who was asked by 46 suitors to marry them.

The Trojan War began due to the abduction of Helen by love-struck Paris.

How great her beauty was is best shown by the sentence “the face that launched 1,000 ships.” Your show dog should be named Helen if it has a pretty face.

Europa  – She was the first queen of Crete and the daughter of a Phoenician king.

Zeus noticed her beauty and determined to seduce her, so he disguised himself as a tame white bull and entered Europa’s father’s herd of cattle.

Zeus was emitting an aroma of flowers that Europa really liked, so when she approached him, the bull knelt down, and Europa climbed onto his back.

This was an ideal opportunity to take Europa, so he rushed into the sea and began swimming towards another land.

Europa was aware of the fact that her bull was a disguised god.

Zeus brought Europa to Crete and made her the first queen.

The continent of Europe was also named after her.

Kallea: Beauty, goodness

Kallini: Beautiful victory

Kalliope: Beautiful voice

Siren: As we have all know, sirens were beautiful half-woman, half-bird creatures.

They were famous for their hypnotic singing which made sailors threw themselves into the sea.

Odysseus was also the one who was nearly seduced by their song but he cleverly survived by lashing himself to the mast of the ship.

Siren is the name for a dog that has an irresistible beauty with a melodious bark.

Grace or Gracie: There were three Graces or Charites, and they were daughters of Zeus and Eurynome.

These goddesses were created to represent beauty, joy, and charm and you can see them in paintings dancing in a circle to the music of Apollo.

Pandora – She is known as the god’s creation from clay.

She was the first woman on Earth and each of the gods gave her a gift.

Her name means “the bearer of all gifts.”

She was beautiful, talented, and feminine.

The myth tells the story of Hermes who had been instructed by Zeus to give her the gifts of stubbornness and curiosity.

Prometheus had stolen fire from the gods and had given it to mankind, which caused anger in Zeus.

So as to teach the man a lesson, the Gods gave Epimetheus Pandora’s hand in marriage.

Prometheus had warned his foolish younger brother not to accept gifts from the Olympians, he was fooled and attracted by her beauty.

During the wedding, the gods gave Pandora a jar known as the Pithos in which her wedding present from them should have been, but she was warned that she must never open this gift.

Being that Pandora was so curious, so she opened the jar and all of the ills and suffering were unleashed on mankind escaping from the Pithos.

She was so confused that she slammed the jar shut and only hope remained inside.

This is the reason why evil exists on Earth, but we still have hope.

A puppy named Pandora will make a little mischief around the house.

Callisto: “The most beautiful one.”

Greek Goddess and Monster Names for Water-Loving Dogs

Ceto: Primordial Greek sea goddess, she bore a pantheon of monster children.

Circe: Sorceress with the ability to turn enemies into animals.

Naiad: Naiads were a type of nymph that had authority over fountains, wells, springs, streams, and brooks which were endowed with inspirational, medicinal, or prophetic powers.

Naiad is a good name for a dog with amazing instincts and intuition.

Nereid –  This name means sea nymph, and it is a female spirit of seawater.

These nymphs were friendly spirits who were known to help sailors threatened by storms.

There were fifty sisters who accompanied Poseidon, the god of the sea.

Siren: An irresistible songstress of the sea. See her description in Show Dog Names above.

Greek Name for Your Faithful Dog

Leto – She was a Titan goddess and a lover of Zeus. Before Zeus married Hera, Leto was pregnant with his children, and Hera was insanely jealous of Leto.

She was constantly giving her punishment, so Leto had to wander the earth looking for a place to have her children.

Unfortunately, all the lands were afraid of Hera and rejected Leto.

Leto was helped by Zeus and the North Wind, so she finally came to a barren rock island, Delos which allowed her to give birth there.

She gave birth to the twins Artemis and Apollo who were known to become great archers at an early age as they wanted to protect their mother.

As a four days old child, Apollo killed the dragon Python, which was sent by Hera to kill the children.

Artemis and Apollo became powerful gods and great defenders of their mother’s honor.

This made them admitted to the pantheon of Greek gods and loved by their father.

Metis – she was a faithful lover of Zeus and the goddess of wisdom.

Also, Zeus was faithful to Metis, prior to discovering her prophecy.

The children of Metis were destined to be more powerful than Zeus which made Zeus afraid.

He swallowed Metis whole, but she was already pregnant at that moment.

After a while, Zeus started suffering a splitting headache, so he asked Ares to split his head open for him.

Athena came out of his skull, fully grown and armored.

She became his first female child was also his favorite.

Greek Names for Your Female Herding Dog

Cassandra – She was known as the second most beautiful woman in the world.

Cassandra had the ability to see the future.

This ability was given to her by Appolo, once she rejected his attentions.

This gift was actually a curse, being that he could not take back the gift of foresight, and no one would believe her prophesies.

Cassandra was considered insane, even though prophecies came true in the Trojan War.

Cassandra is an ideal name for a herding dog with great instincts for what the stock will do next.

Cybele: Goddess of wild animals.

Pan – Pan was a half goat and half horned man often seen in paintings with a lyre.

He was the protector of livestock.

Greek Goddess Names for Dark-Coated Dogs

Andromeda – She was the beautiful daughter of Ethiopian King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia.

When a sea monster was sent by Poseidon to destroy their kingdom, Andromeda was chained to a rock to appease this cruel creature.

Her mother was constantly boasting about her daughter’s beauty, claiming that she was more beautiful than the Nereids, the sea nymphs.

This was an insult for the Nereids who asked their father Poseidon for help.

He was supposed to teach the queen a lesson, so he sent a sea monster to destroy the land of their kingdom.

So as to calm Posseidon down, they needed to sacrifice Andromeda to the sea monster.

Nyx  –  She was the Greek goddess of the night and even Zeus stood in awe of her.

She had children including Hypnos (god of sleep), Thanatos (god of death), Aither (god of light), Hemera (goddess of the day), and Erebos (god of darkness).

She was known to have exceptional power and beauty, so this is an excellent name for large breed females.

You can name your dark girl Nyx if she is powerful and, independent.

Selene:  She was the Titan goddess of the moon and she appeared when the moon is full.

Her equivalent in ancient Roman religion is Luna.

Poets love this goddess and described her as a very beautiful goddess, with long wings and a golden diadem.

A dog named Selene, Phoebe, or Mene is a beautiful, intelligent, and loving companion.

Greek Goddess Names for Naughty or Disobedient Dogs

Ate: Her name is pronounced “eighty” and she is the goddess of ruin, mischief, delusion, and folly.

She was the eldest daughter of Zeus, and the daughter of Eris, goddess of strife.

Zeus forbade Ate’s return to Olympus so she walked Earth on the heads of men, causing strife.

Eris: Greek goddess of strife, that can be seen in many paintings enjoying the bloodshed of man.

Fury: These are the goddesses of vengeance typically painted with snakes for hair, blood drips from their eyes and they have the heads of dogs.

Dysnomia: She was the goddess of lawlessness and she was the total opposite of Eunomia, which was the embodiment of civil order.

Nemesis: She is the goddess of divine retribution and she was known for criticizing those who have committed crimes against the immortals

Greek Goddess Names for Dogs

Achelois: Moon goddess.

Alcyone: Meaning Kingfisher.  Alcyone and her husband were saved from drowning when Gods turned them into kingfishers.

Alectrona: Goddess of the sun.

Aphrodite: Goddess of love and beauty.

Arete: Excellence

Astraea: Goddess of justice.

Até: Goddess of mischief.

Atropos: Fate who cut the thread of life, determining the moment of death.

Bia: That which brings happiness, goddess of force.

Calliope: Muse of epic poetry.

Circe: Witch and half goddess that turned Odysseus’ men into beasts.

Clio: One of the Muses; the inspiration of history.

Clotho: One of the Fates, she spun the thread of life.

Daphne: The object of Apollo’s desire.

Dido: Queen of Carthage, she committed suicide because Aeneas was obliged to leave her. She cursed them before her death, which launched the Punic wars.

Doris: A Sea nymph

Echo: Nymph who gossiped so much that they cursed her to only repeat the words of others.

Electra:  Her mother and stepfather were responsible for the murder of her father Agamemnon, so she plotted revenge against them with her brother.

Elpis: The spirit of hope.

Eos: Goddess of dawn.

Erato: Muse of lyrical poetry.

Eris: Goddess of strife.

Euterpe: One of the Muses; the inspiration of song and elegiac poetry.

Harmonia: Goddess of harmony and concord.

Hebe: Goddess of youth.

Hecate: Goddess of magic

Hemera: Primordial deity and goddess of daylight.

Hera: Wife of Zeus and goddess of marriage and birth, known for her jealousy.

Hestia: Goddess of the hearth.

Hygea: Goddess of cleanliness and hygiene.

Iris: Goddess of rainbows.

Khione: Goddess of snow.

Libra: Goddess of Justice.

Lilah: Greek, meaning “lily.”

Lyra: Star constellation representing the lyre of Orpheus.

Lacheses: One of the Fates.

Maia: Goddess of fields.

Mania: Goddess of insanity.

Melpomene: Muse of tragedy.

Muse: Nine goddesses of inspiration.

Nemesis: Goddess of retribution.

Parcae: One of the fates, associated with the personification of childbirth.

Peitha: Goddess of persuasion.

Persephone: Goddess of the Spring.

Pheme: Personification of popular rumor, also Fama.

Polyhymnia: Muse of hymns.

Rhea: Queen of the Titans and mother of the gods.

Styx: Deity and river that separates the world of the living from the world of the dead.

Terpsichore: Muse of dance.

Tessa: Harvester or reaper.

Thalia: Muse of comedy.

Thetis: one of the 50 Nereids, goddess of the water.

Tyche: Goddess of fortune and prosperity.

Urania: Muse of Astronomy.

Zoe: Greek name meaning life.

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