300+ Unique Female Dog Names by Category


Looking for an Awesome Name for Your New Female Puppy or Dog?

You have a new female puppy in your family and have trouble finding a suitable name for her.

Yes, we know that it deserves a great name and that it has to be found in the first week, but you are not sure which one to choose.

Besides just simply picking a name, we suggest that you should get to know your dog.

Then, you can name her easily and will give her a name that is in line with her personality and characteristics.

Have in mind that the quicker you name her, the better it will be for both you and the pet.

If you are looking for some unique and creative dog names, we are here to help you.

You can take a look at the lists of famous female pet names that can be great fits for any breed or color.

Top 10 Female Dog Names

  1. Queen
  2. Opal
  3. Hashtag
  4. Dingo
  5. Banshee
  6. Faye
  7. Penny
  8. Holliday
  9. Won Ton
  10. Glorious

A Long List of Cool Female Dog Names

Abby Gidget Olive
Adara Ginger Opal
Addison Glorious Ophelia
Adele Godiva Orchid
Air Supply Golden Girl Pandora
Almond Goldie Paradise
Alyssa Gypsy Payton
Amber Half-Note Pearl
Angelina Halle Pebbles
Antoinette Harmony Penny
Aphrodite Holiday Pepper
Applejack Holly Periwinkle
Aquamarine Honeysuckle Piper
Asia Hope Pippin
Aster Inari Pistachio
Atlanta Princess Indigo Pixie
Bambi Iris Pocahontas
Baroness Isabella Primrose
Beauty Ivy Princess
Belle Jade Queen Ann
Bianca Jasmine Queen Rasha
Bindi Jelly Bean Rapunzel
Bittersweet Jenna Raven
Bliss Jewel Reese
Blossom Jezebelle Rio
Blush Joan of Arc Rosie
Bright Eyes Jubilee Roxy
Brooklyn Juno Ruby
Buttercup Kaleidoscope Sabrina
Cabaret Karma Chameleon Sadie
Cameo Katniss Sapphire
Carly Kenya Sappho
Carnation Kimbra Sasha
Cerise Kimmie Savannah
Charity Kimono Scarlett
Chestnut Kisses Sedona
Cher Kiwi Serenity
Cherry Kylee Sherbet
Cheyenne Lady Sidney
Chloe Ladybug Sienna
Cinnamon Lady J Silky
Cleo (Cleopatra) Laney Silvia
Climax Lassie Siri
Clover Lavender Sirius
Coco Lemon Snapdragon
Confectionery Lexi Snookie
Cookie Libby Snowflake
Courtney Licorice Sookie
Crystal Locket Sophie
Cupid Lovely Sparkle
Dahlia Love Potion #9 Spirit
Daiquiri Luna Starburst
Daisy Mackenzie Starla
Dakota Maddie Starr
Darbie Madison Storm
Darla Madonna Sugar
Desert Rose Magenta Sunrise Dawn
Destiny Mallory Sweetheart
Dewdrop Mango Taboo
Dolly Man Killer Taffy
Dora Maple Tessa
Duchess Marigold Trinket
Eden Marilyn Trisha
Electra Marley Trixie
Ella Mary Jane (MJ) Twinkie
Elvira Meadowlark Twinkle
Essex Melody Utah
Evanescence Minx Venus
Ever After Molly Violet
Expresso Moondancer Victorious
Eyota (The Greatest) Muffin Vixen
Faith Mystic Whimsey
Fancy Nabisco Whisper
Fantasia Nala Whitney
Feebs Narcissus Willow
Felicity Nell Wisteria
Fifi Nessa Xena
Fiona Nibbles Yasmin
Flo Nightingale Yoko
Foxface Nikita Yori (which means trustworthy)
Foxy Nina Zara
Gabby Odessa Zelda
Galaxy Olivia Zuzu

How to Find the Perfect Name for Your Dog

What you should not do:

The first thing that you must avoid when giving your puppy a name are those names that sound similar to other household members’ names.

For example, if your daughter’s name is Maya, and you give your dog name Gaia, it will be confusing for everyone.

Also, avoid a name that sounds like a command. Flit, Shay, and Zoe are examples of names that sound too much like sit, stay or no.

What you should do:

You should choose a name that is easy to say.

The best names are those with one or two syllables, being that saying “Scheherazade” a few times can get tedious.

Also, the reason for a short name is that dogs recognize and respond more easily to short words.

If you still want a long name, consider shortening it to Zadie.

Furthermore, you are suggested to consider a name with hard consonants (like b, k, or a hard g) due to the fact that they are easier for dogs to hear.

Take your dog’s breed or heritage into consideration when coming up with a name, meaning that if you possess a German shepherd you can give her a German name.

Last, but not least, you need to choose a name that you enjoy saying, as you will be saying it for many years.

Large Female Dog Names

Alaska Dragon Ozma
Athena Everest Phoebe
Baby Fiona Pyrenees
Baleen Fuji Queen
Banyan Gaia Sequoia
Banshee Godzilla Sierra
Brawny Hero Sumo
Brunhilda Hildegarde Teton
Burly Himalaya Titania
Dahlia Jupiter Tonka
Deluxe Maxi Venus

If you name a large dog “Pixie” or a small dog “Godzilla”, you will make people smile.

Small Female Dog Names

Bambi Faye Pippin
Bonsai Gherkin Pixie
Bonbon Gizmo Pocket
Bug Grasshopper Posy
Button Kitty Roo
Biscuit Lilliputian (Lil for short) Rosebud
Bullet Mini Skittles
Chiquita Minion Tapas
Dingo Moxie Tinkerbell
Demi Munchkin Toy

Place Names for Female Dogs

Adelaide (Addy) Carolina Reno
Albany Florence Sahara
Avalon Geneva Tijuana
Brooklyn Malibu Toulouse
Cairo Paisley Zhoukou

Female Dog Names Inspired by Books, Movies, and Celebrities

Blanchett Mae Tallulah
Chibi Meryl Tilda
Daenerys Pepper Toto
Dogmatix Ponyo Uma
Fang Puddles Wags
Fay Wray Rooney Winona
Garbo Rizzo Winslet
Garland Santa’s Little Helper Xena
Genevieve Scamper Yoda
Gizmo Shiloh Ziggy
Juno Stitch Zooey

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