Facts About Teacup Dog Breeds Prospective Buyers Should Know

Teacup Dog

What Are Teacup Dog Breeds?

You have probably heard about teacup dog breeds, and as this name suggests, this is a smaller-than-average dog breed.

When we hear the word teacup, we can immediately imagine a cute, little dog that can fit into a coffee cup, but we have to say that they are not that small.

Having such a small dog is quite attractive to many people, as the term teacup puppy sounds so innocent, but some facts have to be put in front of future owners of these dogs.

Falling in love with these dogs is so easy, and once you do so, you will pay a premium price for one.

However, you should first learn more facts about them that can help make your expenses lower and get an enjoying dog.

Generally speaking, teacups are small versions of popular breeds of small dogs, and you can hear that some people refer to them as micro-dogs or pocket-sized dogs.

Besides being small, these dogs also weigh less and we can take a look at an example of the Maltese breed.

According to American Kennel Club, this breed is expected to weigh under seven pounds.

The majority of Maltese dogs weigh anywhere between four and six pounds.

However, a teacup Maltese would instead weigh considerably less than this and it is usually smaller than acceptable.

Future dog owners must know that the term “teacup” is not an official term.

The main dog breed registries do not accept it, thus they are not taken as a specific breed of dog.

The term was made so as to attract buyers and persuade them that teacup puppies should justifiably have a higher price tag.

If you as a prospective buyer go to purchase this dog, you may come across those that are smaller than the average weight and size for the breed, as well as those that are normal size.

Nevertheless, the breeder will tell you that they are “teacups” so as to justify the higher price tag.

You need to be aware of this fraud and the Yorkshire Terrier Club on America Code of Ethics requires its members not to use terms like “teacup,” “doll-faced,” etc.

The Ugly Truth About These Breeds

The reason why so many young girls want to possess a smaller-than-average dog is that they can take these dogs in a pink Gucci bag.

They do not think about the health of such dogs, at all.

The purpose of attracting buyers is so strong that breeders breed small dogs, a smaller version of an already small breed causes certain health issues that buyers are not aware of.

Understanding how these breeds are produced is necessary, as it affects their general health.

The creators of these breeds purposely raise runts of the litter, smaller than average dogs who are weaker than the others and who are trying their best to survive.

While a reputable breeder will accept the rule that these breeds are not allowed to reproduce, an unethical breeder will breed their runt with another runt with the aim to produce smaller than average dogs.

What is even worse, these unethical breeders will sometimes affect the growth of their puppies by not providing them the needed nourishment.

These puppies are very frequently sold, but you may wonder how much a teacup puppy can cost.

The price of a teacup dog ranges between $750 and $2,000.

Not every small dog is determined as a teacup dog.

Several dog breeds are described as teacups, and what is even worse, more and more dog breeds are being added to the list.

List of Teacup Breeds

These are just the most common breeds that are bred as “teacups”, but you should know that several more exist:

  • The Chihuahua
  • The Maltese
  • The Pomeranian
  • The Poodle
  • The Pug
  • The Shih-Tzu
  • The Silky Terrier
  • The Yorkshire Terrier

The Problems With Teacup Dog Breeds

As they practice unethical breeding and selling teacup puppies for a premium, these breeders are well known for giving away dogs who, unfortunately, due to poor nourishment, face health issues.

This giving for nothing or little money is due to the fact that at the veterinary hospital, the breeder has to pay quite an amount of money for the treatment, and he/she is not at all worried about the health of the dog, but how to earn money on it.

Health problems that these breeds are prone to are numerous and one of them can be bouts of hypoglycemia.

This is an issue where the levels of blood glucose drop causing weakness, shivering, and even turns into severe cases.

Furthermore, these small breeds are predisposed to hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.

Actually, due to being small, these dogs have a faster metabolism and they have a need for more frequent feedings.

Some additional health problems may include increased risks for liver shunts, hydrocephalus, larger molars, heart problems, seizures, teeth problems.

These small dogs can be dropped, so we consider them unsuitable for families with small children.

We have mentioned some of the good reasons why teacup dog breeds are not breeds that can be kept by everyone.

Of course, exceptions to the rule are numerous and there are owners of teacup puppies whose dogs lead healthy and happy lives.

What we want is to warn buyers of these small dogs that extra care is required as these health problems may not show up right away.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Designer Breed

Here are some things a small dog buyer needs to consider before purchasing it.

The market of selling puppies is turning into businesses and different trends and fads are being constantly created.

As it was already mentioned,  the term “teacup” is just created to attract buyers in hopes of having them give more money for the dog.

These breeds are not accepted by reputable dog registries, but people tend to buy them due to numerous celebrities who are mainly responsible for the spread of designer dog breeds.

They do not think about how these breeds are created by unethical breeders only for a profit.

Yes, we are aware that it is so cute and trendy to carry a tiny dog in a pink Gucci bag, but these people have to know that dogs are not fashion accessories.

Dogs do not deserve to be purchased because a famous Hollywood star has them.

Future owners need to be aware of the amount of work and care small dogs require.

If you are a person who really wants a teacup breed and will devote enough time and care for one, you should not abandon the idea of buying one, but we always suggest that you first conduct careful research.

Of course, the unethical breeders who breed these dogs just for earning huge sums of money should be avoided.

We suggest them buying a toy dog breed which is definitely the healthier version.

Toy dog breeds have a healthier weight range and size for their standard.

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