525+Cute Female Dog Names and Meanings

female dog

When selecting a name for your new dog, everything is important.

Its appearance, character, personality.

And it is true that your dog, as a new family member, really deserves the best name it can get.

It has to be a cute name that fits both their personality and appearance.

Being that the number of these names is so huge, we decided to make the following list from which you can start looking for the perfect name for your dog.

Female Dog Names A-C

Name Meaning
Abby Joy, rejoice
AJ Acronym
Ada a programming language created for use by the U.S. Branch of Defense.
Addie a shorter form of Adeline.
Adelaide a city in and the capital of South Australia
Adelyn a version of Adeline
Agatha from a Greek word meaning “great”.
Agnes Roman Catholic kid saint.
Alexis from a Greek word meaning “partner”.
Alice a city in South Texas.
Ally Pure heart
Alyssa version of Alicia
Amari Meaning “uncertain”
Amber Yellow stone
Amelia the inborn nonattendance of at least one appendage.
Amy Well-loved
Angel Well behaved, very kind
Angelica Like an Angel
Angie a shorter form of Angel.
Anna Favor or Grace
Annabell Scary doll
Annie Gracious
Anya Russian version of Ana
Ariel Heavenly singer; the star of Disney’s Little Mermaid
Ashley ash tree clearing
Asia a landmass limited by Europe and the Arctic, Pacific, and Indian seas.
Athena the virgin divinity, the goddess of insight, richness
Aubrey English collector
Autumn the season among summer and winter
Avery Counsel, wise
Azalea Type of flower
Azzurra Italian sky blue color
Baby a baby or a small kid.
Bailey Sweet tiny girl
Bailey Sweet tiny girl
Bambi a recognizable name for a child deer.
Basil Type of spice
Beanie A type of hat
Bella An Italian word meaning “beautiful”
Bertha a neckline or cutting, as of trim, worn about the shoulders by ladies
Bessie a shorter version of Elizabeth.
Betty dark-colored betty.
Bianca White
Billie a variant of William.
Bindi Popular in India
Birdie Small bird or bird-like
Biscuit A salty little cracker
Blair English political pioneer
Blondie Form of blond or yellow
Blossom the blossom of a plant
Bonnie from the Latin word meaning “great”.
Brandy a soul refined from wine or from the matured juice of grapes
Bree Upbeat
Brielle The short version of Gabrielle.
Brooklyn a part of New York City, on W Long Island.
Brownie the brown color
Brynn a version of Bryn
Bubbles Fun personality
Buffy buff-shaded
Buttercup A yellow flower
Buttons Type of garment piece
Cadence the rhythm of language.
Cake Type of fluffy treat
Callie a version of Caroline,
Cameron English picture taker
Camilia Royalty name
Camille, Cami Fast; great innocence
Candy Type of sugar treat, sweet
Carla adaptation of Caroline
Carly Free and pleasant
Carmen Ciudad del Carmen.
Carolina a previous English province on the Atlantic shore of North America
Carolyn a version of Caroline.
Casey from an Irish word signifying “bold”.
Cassie Unheeded, strong-willed
Cecelia a version of Cecilia.
Chanel French-style architect.
Charlie a word utilized in interchanges to speak precisely C.
Charlotte a pastry of numerous assortments served hot or cold
Cher dear; cherished
Cherry the product of any of different trees having a place with the variety Prunus
Cheyenne an individual from North American Indians
Chica a version of Francisca
Chloe Green shoot, new
Cinnamon Type of spice, yellowish-brown
Clara from a Latin word signifying “clear, splendid”.
Clarissa adaptation of Clara.
Clementine a little, sweet assortment of tangerine with orange-red skin.
Cleo (Short for Cleopatra) Glory and father
Clover any of different plants of the variety Trifolium, of the vegetable family
Coco Chocolate or Brown
Cookie Type of dessert, sweet
Cora Kore
Courtney short
Crystal an unmistakable, straightforward mineral or glass looking like ice.
Cupcake A little cake with frosting; brown or tan coloring works best; sweet and small

Female Dog Names D-I

Name Meaning
Dabby meaning”just a bit”
Daffodil Type of flower
Daisy Type of flower
Dakota a previous region in the United States
Dallas U.S. negotiator
Dallup meaning “just a bit”
Dana  a shortened version of Daniel
Darla Short version of Darlene.
Darlene from the Old English word meaning “dear”.
Delilah Famous song
Demi “half” or “lesser”
Diamond a very hard form of carbon
Diva a recognized female vocalist
Dixie Southern name
Dodie, Dot, or Dotty (short for Dorothy) Adored woman
Dollup A spoonful
Dolly Form of doll or small
Dottie adaptation of Dorothea and Dorothy.
Duchess the spouse or widow of a duke.
Eden where Adam and Eve lived before the Fall
Edie adaptation of Edith.
Effie Well spoken
Electra the girl of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra
Elena variant of Helen
Eliza adaptation of Elizabeth
Ella Shorted version of Eleanor
Ellie Light or candle
Eloise hale, healthy
Elsa cheerful
Elsie adaptation of Elizabeth
Ember a little live bit of coal, wood, and so on., as in a perishing fire.
Emery a granular mineral substance comprising regularly of corundum blended in with magnetite or hematite
Emma Whole or universal
Emmy any of a few statuettes granted yearly by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Enid a city in North Oklahoma
Erin Ireland
Esmerelda Character in hunchback story
Estelle from a Latin word signifying “star
Esther the spouse of Ahasuerus
Eudora Means “good gift”
Eve First woman
Evelyn English diarist
Evie version of Eve or Evelyn
Ezra Helper
Fairy Mystic small creature
Faith Trust, confidence
Fancy creative mind or dream
Fannie variant of Frances
Fantasia Form of fantasy
Faye variant of Faith
Felecity Very happy
Feona Name of animated character
Fifi version of Josephine.
Fiona version of Fionn
Fleur, Flora Flower
Foxy foxlike; sly or tricky
Frances gotten from Francis
Gale Joy
Geneva Hollands
Georgia a state in the SE United States
Geraldine gotten from Gerald
Gia version of Gianna
Gidget Small
Gigi French version of Georgine or Virgine
Ginger Type of plant, red hair, pure
Ginny Maiden
Giselle an artful dance (1841) arranged by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot
Goldie Gold; american actress first name
Gracie Full of elegance
Greta Pearl in Swedish
Gwen variant of Gwendolyn or Guenevere
Gypsy Wandering traveler
Hadley U.S. writer and conductor
Haley U.S. essayist
Halley Famous actress
Hallie version of Harriet
Hanna Popular TV Show
Hannah the mother of Samuel
Harley Female Batman villain
Harlow U.S. movie entertainer
Harper Musician
Harriet Famous social movement
Hattie rendition of Harriet
Haven a harbor or port
Heidi German version of Adelheid
Henley a short-or long-sleeved pullover sport shirt,
Hershey Brand of chocolate
Holly A plant with red berries
Honey Sweet and natural substance from bees
Imani Means “faith” in Swahili
Indigo a blue color from different plants
Inez form of Agnes
Ingrid Ing is beautiful
Iota A small quantity
Iris the contractile, roundabout stomach shaping the shaded segment of the eye and containing a roundabout opening
Isabella Promise or Oath
Isis Egyptian goddess
Isla island
Ivory the hard white substance, making the primary part out of the tusks of the elephant,
Izzy (short for Isabel, Isabella, Isadora) Sounds like baby-talk for “Is”

Female Dog Names J-L

Name Meaning
Jade both of two minerals, jadeite or nephrite
Jamie rendition of James
Jane Female version of John
Janelle version of Jane
Jasmine Type of flowering plant
Jenna version of Jenny
Jennifer Fair one, light colored
Jersey a skintight, weaved sweater or shirt
Jessie rendition of Jessica
Jewel a cut and cleaned valuable stone; pearl
Jill Child of the god’s
Jinx, Jinxy Magic appeal or charm
Joan Famous woman in French history
Jordan chamber pot
Journey a making a trip starting with one spot then onto the next
Joy Jubilation; euphoria
Julianna Young, new
Juliet Full of youth
June the 6th month of the year
Kalani The sky; the boss
Kali Fierce
Kallie version of Callie
Kamila Czech, Slovak and Polish version of Camillia
Karina Elaborated version of Karin
Karla form of Caroline
Karma activity, seen as bringing upon oneself unavoidable outcomes, positive or negative, either in this life or in a resurrection
Kate Greek meaning honest or pure
Katie Fully and full of love
Kayla Keeper of keys
Kelsey Fierce Island
Kennedy U.S. legal adviser
Kenya a republic in E Africa
Kiara version of Ciara or Chiara
Kiki New Beginning
Kimmie version of Kimberly or Kim
Kinley son of Fionnlagh
Kinsley From a surname that was derived from the given name CYNESIGE.
Kip Small
Kiwi any of a few flightless, ratite winged birds of New Zealand
Koko Short for a number of Japanese names
Kona a southwesterly winter wind in Hawaii
Kori God’s peace
Lacey Belonging to girl
Lacy of or taking after trim; lacelike: an elegant outfit
Lady A female with grace
Laney Torch
Lark Type of bird
Lass Generic name of a female
Lassie a little youngster; girl.
Layla Means “night” in Arabic.
Leia name of a princess in the Star Wars movies
Lena a stream in the Russian Federation in Asia
Leona Lion
Leslie garden of holly
Lexi Adventurous and Brave
Lexy a version of ALEXANDRA or ALEXIS.
Libby The shortened name for Elizabeth
Liesel God’s satisfaction or oath
Lily Type of flower with a fragrant smell
Lindsay Lime, full of flavor
Lizzy adaptation of Elizabeth
Lois Better or more desirable
Lola Sorrow, sacrafice
Lolita (also short for Dolores) Sorrows
Lolly Short for lollipop
Lorelai Singing siren
Lorraine French painter
Louise a chilly lake in W Canada
Lovely charmingly or wonderfully excellent
Lucia from a Latin word signifying “light”
Lucille rendition of Lucia or Lucy
Lucinda rendition of Lucy
Lucky having or set apart by good karma; blessed
Lucy Old TV Show, Born at Dawn, shiny
Lull Quiet and boring
Lulu Little Woman, old cartoon star
Luna the antiquated Roman goddess exemplifying the moon
Lune Crescent shaped
Lydia an old realm in W Asia Minor
Lyla version of Leila
Lyric (of verse) having the structure and melodic nature of a tune

Female Dog Names M-O

Name Meaning
Mabel Medieval version of AMABILIS
Macy U.S. retail dealer
Maddie version of MADELINE or MADISON
Madison spouse of James Madison
Mae more
Maggie Child of light
Malia Hawaiian version of MARIA.
Mallory U.S. legal advisor and government official
Maple any of various trees or bushes of the class Acer
Mara the divine force of death
Margaret Pearl
Margot rendition of Margaret
Marigold Type of flower
Marilyn rendition of Mary
Mary the mother of Jesus
Matilda strength in a fight
Maude variant of MAUD
Maxi, Maxine Female version of Max
Maya the force
Mazie Popular tv star
Mckenna Irish on-screen character
Melina honey
Melody Musical arrangement
Mia lost without a trace.
Mila Originally a version of Slavic names
Miley actress and singer Miley Cyrus
Millie rendition of Millicent or Mildred
Mimi a version of MARIA and other names beginning with M
Minnie mother; mother
Miranda Venezuelan revolutionist and loyalist
Missy youthful miss; young lady
Mitzi (short for Maria) Bitter, beloved, rebel, wished-for child
Mocha a seaport in the Republic of Yemen on the Red Sea.
Molly Another name for Mary
Morgan one of a type of light carriage and seat steeds slipped from the stallion
Moxie force; verve
Muffin an individual cup-molded speedy bread made with wheat flour
Mugsy Mug’ is a slang word alluding to the face
Mya a version of MAYA.
Nadia hope
Nala Means “stem” in Sanskrit
Nanette form of Ann
Nell a variant of Helen
Nellie a variant of Helen
Nikita Victor
Nikki Victory
Nina young lady; youngster
Noelle Born on Christmas
Nola a version of MAGNOLIA, FINOLA
Noodle Pasta; a silly person
Nora a variant of Honora
Nori an ocean growth having a somewhat sweet, salty taste
Norma the Rule, a little southern star grouping among Lupus and Ara
Nova a star that out of nowhere gets a huge number of times more splendid
Nyla Champion
Odessa a seaport in South Ukraine, on the Black Sea
Olive, Olivia A fruit-bearing tree; Olive Oyl was Popeye’s girlfriend
Oreo Popular cookie, black and white

Female Dog Names P-R

Name Meaning
Paige U.S. baseball player.
Paisley a delicate woolen texture
Pandora Full of random surprises
Parker U.S. jazz saxophonist and writer
Pasha An individual of high rank
Payton U.S. football player.
Peaches Fruit
Peanut the unit or the encased consumable seed of the plant, Arachis hypogaea
Pearl Treasure made by oysters
Pebbles little, adjusted stone
Peggy rendition of Margaret
Penelope the spouse of Odysseus
Penny Spunky; copper coin
Pepsi Full of energy, black like the soda
Petal Part of a flower
Phoebe any of a few little American flycatchers of the sort Sayornis
Piper Flute-player
Pippa Italian adaptation of Philippa
Pippy First name of Pippy Longstockings
Pixie Fairy
Polly an agreeable parrot
Poppy any plant of the sort Papaver
Portia the champion of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice
Precious of significant expense or extraordinary worth
Primrose A kind of flower
Princess Queen’s daughter, royalty
Priscilla Famous singer’s daughter, long life
Pumpkin an enormous, consumable, orange-yellow natural product
Queenie Royal and regal
Rafiki Friend
Rasha Young gazelle
Raven Blackbird
Reese Anglicized version of RHYS, also used as a feminine form
Regina sovereign.
Reiko Courteous child
Remy straight hair
Rita the Vedic idea of inestimable and social request
Romy From Rome
Rosalie from a Latin word
Rosemary an evergreen bush, Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosie Cheerful and delicate
Rowan the European mountain debris, Sorbus aucuparia
Roxy Morning, Bright
Roz, Rozz (from Rosalind) Beautiful; pretty as a rose
Ruby Red jewel
Ruth pity or sympathy.
Ruthie a version of RUTH.
Rylie a version of RILEY.

Female Dog Names S-T

Name Meaning
Sadie Princess
Sage a significantly shrewd individual
Sally a foray of troops from an attacked spot upon a foe
Sammie a sandwich.
Sammy Listener
Sandy (short for Alexandria) Defender
Sari Noble
Sasha Helper and Defender of all
Sassy rude; impolite; saucy
Savannah a seaport in E Georgia
Sawyer an individual who saws wood
Scarlet a splendid red shading slanting toward orange
Scout a warrior, warship, plane, and so forth., utilized in surveying
Selena the Greek goddess of the moon
Selma a city in focal Alabama, on the Alabama River
Serena clear, tranquil, serene
Shadow a dim figure or picture cast on the ground or some surface by a body blocking light
Sheba the sovereign who visited Solomon to test his shrewdness
Shelby a city in South North Carolina
Shiloh Gifted by God
Shirley English writer
Sienna ferruginous earth utilized as a yellowish-darker color
Sierra a chain of slopes or mountains
Silvia from a Latin word signifying “backwoods
Sissy a delicate kid or man.
Siti Malay version of SITA
Skye Airy and Breezelike
Skylar version of SKYLER
Smokey an official or officials of a state roadway watch
Snookie Reality star name
Snowball a chunk of snow squeezed or rolled together, concerning tossing
Sofia Wise, intelligent
Sookie Reality star name
Sophia Means “wisdom” in Greek
Sophie Very gorgeous
Stella Sunny or Star
Storm an aggravation of the ordinary state of the environment, showing itself by winds of surprising power or bearing
Sue to establish a procedure in law against
Sunny possessing large amounts of daylight: a radiant day
Susannah book of the Apocrypha, establishing the thirteenth part of Daniel in the Douay Bible
Sydney South of water, Australian City
Sylvia version of SILVIA
Tabitha Gazelle
Talia Lamb or Soft, Morning Dew
Tandy Strong
Taylor English history specialist.
Tessa Harvester, To bring forth
Thea The short version of DOROTHEA or THEODORA
Theo a joining structure signifying “god,” utilized in the arrangement of compound words
Tiana The short version of TATIANA or CHRISTIANA
Tillie, Tilly Powerful in fight
Tinkerbell The fairy in Peter Pan books and movies
Tootsie a darling; dear
Trixie Bringer of euphoria, happiness
Trudy variant of Gertrude
Twinkie Sugary treat

Female Dog Names U-W

Name Meaning
Ulani Cheerful
Ummi Mother
Ursula an amazing British princess
Valentina Health
Valentine a card or message, typically loving or nostalgic
Vasha Ruler
Velma rendition of Wilhelmina
Velvet Soft fabric
Venus an old Italian goddess of nurseries and spring
Victoria the antiquated Roman goddess of triumph
Vika From the creek
Violet any mainly low, stemless, or verdant stemmed plant of the sort Viola
Virginia a state in the E United States, on the Atlantic coast
Vivi a joining structure signifying “living,” “alive,”
Vivienne sorcerer, the escort of Merlin: known as the Lady of the Lake
Vixen a female fox
Waffles Batter cakes cooked in a waffle iron
Whisper Quiet voice
Whitney U.S. maker and designer
Widget Small gadget
Wiggles move or go with short, fast, sporadic developments from side to side
Willa a variant of Wilhelmina
Willow Type of tree; character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Winifred Anglicized version of GWENFREWI
Winnie Friend; titular character in Winnie-the-Pooh
Winter the virus season among fall and spring in northern scopes
Wren any of various little, dynamic warblers of the family Troglodytidae, particularly troglodytes

Female Dog Names X-Z

Name Meaning
Xena the main character in the 1990s television series Xena: Warrior Princess.
Xia Glow of daylight
Yasmin, Yasmine Jasmine flower
Yoko Child; Yoko Ono
Yoshi Good, virtuous, respectable
Yvonne The French version of YVON
Zailey A mashup of Zoe and Haily
Zanna God’s gift
Zazu Movement
Zelda Warrior
Zia Aunt
Ziggy Form of Sigmund; zigzaggy
Zipper, Zippy Fast mover
Zoe Life
Zola Earth
Zuri Means “beautiful” in Swahili.

Movie Names for Female Dogs

Amelie Eva Mouse
Audrey Frida Muppet
Blue Gizmo Starlet
Daisy Garbo Stella
Elf Hermione Toto
Ewok Juno Whoopi

Names that Describe

Barfy Ginger snap Popper
Big Go-Go Girl Poky
Bossy Growl Rocket
Chibi Jolly Sugar
Cinny (Cinnamon) Nibble Tidbit
Curly Nippy Tiny
Dingo Nut Velvet
Fang Otter Ziggy
Giddy Pepper Zigzag

Tips on Naming Your Pup

We need to mention that there are certain tips you need to take into consideration when naming your new dog.

Do not get worried if you like several names and cannot decide which one is perfect.

It is actually suggested to first pick a few names you like and see which one will be the most suitable.

Here are some things to consider:

Avoid Brand Names

It may seem cute to name a young doggy Chanel or Gucci to some people, but in the majority of cases, these brand names should be avoided.

The main reason is that trends frequently change, but your dog will have to keep on having that brand name all its life.

Plus, if the brand does something you do not like or do not agree with, every time you say your dog’s name, you will be reminded of it.

Avoid Human Names

Yes, we know that many people give their dogs human names, but calling your dog a human name in a public place may create some odd situations.

Actually, if you meet a new person and she/he has the same name as your dog, it can be taken as an insult.

But, if you really want to name your dog a human name, our advice is to use the shortened or nicknamed version.

Consider Nicknames

You should know that your dog’s long name can be shortened to cute nicknames.

People tend to add “Madam” or “Princess” before the dog’s regular name and this can be fairly cute.

Also, to make a nice nickname, you can add a description such as “the pampered” or “the ruler of the couch”.

Think about Cute Rhymes / Multiple Words

As the title suggests, you can pick a name that consists of multiple words that rhyme.

Multiple words should be those that describe characteristics of your pet, such as Shiloh the Shy or Bubble Cuddles.

A potential name can be Princess Bubble Cuddles, meaning that the dog likes to cuddle and/or catch bubbles with her mouth.

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