dog and cat

Why Did My Dog Kill My Cat?

Why Did My Dog Kill My Cat or My Neighbor’s Cat? Yes,  we understand that a dog owner does not feel very proud and well once he/she perceives that his/her dog has killed a cat, no matter whether it is the neighbor’s cat or his/her own. Being that so many…

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dog training

How to Train a Dog for Personal Protection

A Personal Protection Dog Is Trained to Guard You at All Times People tend to be afraid of walking alone at night and their great solution is to get a dog that will be their guardian. Of course, not every dog can be so protective, so they are in need…

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The Pros and Cons of Using a Puppy Apartment for Potty Training

Many dg owners wonder whether “puppy apartments” are the best solution to potty training dogs. Potty-training is a very challenging task for both puppies and their caretakers so in many cases puppies are given to shelters and put to sleep. If you are a future dog owner, do not consider…

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