A Guide to the Apple Head Chihuahua


When a person takes a look at chihuahuas, he/she might not notice any difference, but people who are interested in this breed will make a difference between regular and the “apple head” Chihuahuas.

This is the breed’s specimen as it conforms to breed standard.

So, when a person sees a Chihuahua, he/she should expect to see the “apple head” Chihuahua.

What Is an Apple Head Chihuahua?

The apple head is a unique physical characteristic.

If we take into consideration the American Kennel Club standard for the breed, the Chihuahua should have “a well rounded, ‘apple dome’ skull, with or without a molera.”

A molera is a sunken area on the top of the dog’s head, and it comes with the birth of the dog.

When compared to humans, the molera is similar to the “fontanelle,” or soft spot.

The molera makes the Chihuahua’s head look like the top of a cooking apple and it is also compared to the fruit because the dome of the skull is broader than the jaw.

According to the Chihuahua Club of America, this breed has a distinctive “stop” at an almost 90-degree angle and it depicts the angle that goes from the forehead to the muzzle.

The American Kennel Club accepts two coat varieties when Chihuahuas are in question: the smooth coat and the long coat.

Cost of an Apple Head Chihuahua

An apple head chihuahuas can be found easily and be bought from honest breeders, but the price may vary.

You should not accept to pay much than necessary just because it has an “apple head”.

If you ask reputable breeders, they will not require higher payments as they know that apple heads are just Chihuahuas that are bred to standard.

On the other hand, numerous unethical breeders offer them at pretty high prices and try to convince buyers that these Chihuahuas are a rare variety.

Again, apple heads are not difficult to find and buy.

If you are wondering what the average price for this particular dog is, we have to say that it ranges somewhere between $300 and $800.

Of course, if you want to buy a dog with championship lineage, you must expect higher prices, more than $1,500.

Coming across a breeder that sells this dog at a premium price but does not have any reasonable explanation and documentation of lineage, you can be sure that he/she is an unethical breeder.

Apple Head vs. Deer Head Chihuahua

As it was already mentioned, an apple head is a Chihuahua with a head that conforms to the standard.

But, there are other Chihuahuas with other head shapes.

One of them is the deer head Chihuahua, which got the name due to their fawn coat and a look similar to a little deer.

The Head Shape

This breed has a moderately short muzzle, a longer nose, and a narrower muzzle.

When compared to an apple head Chihuahuas that have a 90-degree angle at the stop, the deer head has more of a slope when its profile is in question.

This slope gives the deer head a “foxy” look.

Size and Weight

The differences between these two kinds of Chihuahuas can be noticed when general size and appearance are in question.

An apple head ones have shorter legs, while the deer head chihuahuas have longer legs.

Being that deer heads have a taller body, their weight is also different and they weigh more.


The deer head may not adhere to the breed standard, but it is less prone to illnesses.

Actually, an apple head comes with many perks, while deer head Chihuahuas are less likely to suffer from dental problems or breathing problems

A deer head Chihuahuas have easier deliveries, due to the fact that the apple head Chihuahua’s big skull is more difficult to pass through the birth canal.


Deer head Chihuahuas that have larger ears and wider set eyes were very popular in the 1950s and the 1960s.

However, they became less fashionable when the Chihuahua Club of America developed a list of characteristics that were considered appealing in the breed.

A rounded head, smaller ears, and larger eyes were necessary to be considered a standard and a deer head does not conform to breed standard.

Still, there are many Chi lovers who find the deer head to be more appealing.

Even the famous Taco Bell mascot is a lovely deer head Chihuahua.

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