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Why You Should Never Trust Dog Food Advisor

What Is Dog Food Advisor? If you have ever done dog food research on Google, you have probably come across this SEO-friendly website which appears to be an informative resource related to dog food that dog owners can trust. Dog Food Advisor (DFA) is a website where more than 950…

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cartoon dogs

Top 50 Famous Cartoon Character Dog Names

Doggy Cartoon Classics Every person sometimes in his/her life watch cartoons and the greatest cartoon characters of all time are definitely dogs. They can be superheroes, like Underdog, or villains like Muttley, but still, cartoon dogs tend to display human humor, and emotions. So, the right name for your new…

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German Shepherd

Types of German Shepherds: A Guide to Dog Breed Variations

Many Different Types of German Shepherds Being that you are reading this article, you have probably done the research about the German Shepherd breed. Also, you might have found that many different types of German Shepherd dogs exist and they are all considered purebred. For some breeds, a body style,…

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Mixed-Breed Dog

How to Identify Breeds in a Mixed-Breed Dog

What Breed Is My Dog? Having decided to become a caretaker of a dog that is man and woman’s best friend is already a great endeavor. Many people want to possess only a designer dog and are not eager to take care of mixed-breed dogs. However, they really deserve our…

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dog nails

How to Make a Dog’s Nail Quick Recede

How to Shorten a Dog’s Quick You have probably heard your dog’s nails clicking on the kitchen floor numerous times if you keep your dog in the house. Do you know that this affects the way he/she walks and that long nails can lead to quite an amount of issues?…

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scary dog

100+ Scary, Tough, and Strong Guard Dog Names

Is Your Dog a Badass? Great Names for Tough Dogs It is important to choose the right dog for your new family member no matter if it is a fierce teacup Chihuahua or rescued Cane Cors. In case they really deserve a powerful name you will need to find the…

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silver dog

170+ Unique Names for Blue, Gray, and Silver Dogs

You may already know that blue dog coats can be silver to dark gray, so we have gathered all the unique names for silver, gray, blue, and merle dogs. Of course, there can be some more that you will find suitable for your dog, but the names we have included…

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Colors of Siberian Huskies

Siberian Husky Colors It is not typical of many breeds, but we consider it amazing, how many different colorations do the Siberian Huskies come in. They have an enormous range of coat colors and patterns and we will take a look at all the colors that a Siberian can wear….

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7 Dog Breeds That Won’t Stink Up Your House

Some dog owners are ready to stand their dog’s smell, just to have their dog by their side. It is true that dog smell is not a big issue if it is not too strong, but some breeds actually have such a strong smell that is sometimes unbearable. If you…

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The Best Places to Find a Really Cheap Puppy

Are You Ready to Be a Pet Owner? Being that there are numerous resources that you can get the puppy from, our aim with this article was to inform you about all the possible advantages and disadvantages. The desire to get a new puppy may cause you to hurry up…

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